Find Your Audience

Hannigan Media is a boutique digital marketing agency located in East Texas. We work with our clients to develop a targeted strategy to reach their business objectives, producing content that grows relationships and increases their reputation.

Owner Michael V. Hannigan is a social media strategist and coach with five years experience teaching individuals and groups how to increase their brand awareness. His style relies heavily on the techniques he developed during his 25 years as a journalist. He is a four-time Journalist of the Year and a Hope Award recipient.

Services include:


Schedule a one-on-one session to learn how to target your audience and create a calendar to take control of your social media.

Social Gov

Michael’s experience as a journalist is invaluable in the public sector. We help government agencies and politicians engage with their constituents by taking them where the voters are already talking.

Content Creation

The heart of social media is telling your story through words, photos and video. We can help you create the content that speaks to your audience.

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