I have been serving the people of Henderson County, Texas since 1993. Along the way, I was named the North and East Texas Press Association Journalist of the Year four times.

To my knowledge, I was the first in the county to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver news and engage with my readers. I was the first to bring local video to my readers and I was the first to teach social media classes so that everyone could learn to communicate on the new platforms.

A lot has changed since my first byline.

Today I help organizations like the City of Athens, Hope Springs Water, and the Henderson County HELP Center by working with them to create content and build an online community.

Because newspaper ink runs in my blood, I also built the What’s Happening in Henderson County Facebook group and report on local sports and events.

And I also do coaching sessions to help businesses and organizations. In these sessions we talk about strategy, learn new techniques, and discuss specific content calendars.

So you will find a variety of content here, from local news to marketing and PR advice.

My job seems to evolve monthly as the platforms we use to communicate shift, but one thing has remained a constant since my first byline back in 1993. I am here to keep you connected.

— Michael V. Hannigan