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Chatting with Dr. King about the clock tower

I had the opportunity to talk with the TVCC president Thursday night.

Trinity Valley Community College broke ground for the Ethel May & Frank Johns Tower in July. (TVCC photo)

By Michael V. Hannigan

MALAKOFF — I saw TVCC President Dr. Jerry King while I was at the Cardinal football scrimmage in Malakoff Thursday night and took the opportunity to ask him about the college’s new clock tower.

“It’s going to be a landmark,” said Dr. King. “It is going to be one of the tallest places on the campus.”

The 47-foot Ethel May & Frank Johns Tower will be built in the Bob McDonald Plaza. Dr. King said it could be completed by the beginning of October.

“When they built the Baugh Building – the three story building – I was involved in that because I was one moving over there to it and at that time we talked about putting something out there and we talked about a clock tower,” Dr. King said. “We didn’t have the funding to do it back then.”

Mr. Johns donated $350,000 for the project in memory of his late wife.

The tower will include four ornamental bell shells and an electronic carillon system providing the ability to program a variety of different chimes, tolling bells and hour strike tones.  The clock tower will have four-sided illuminated dials, allowing the time to be visible from all sides.

“It will be something we can be proud of,” said Dr. King.

I am sure the college will have a big event when the clock tower gets turned on. I will keep you posted.

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