Everybody wants to find the secret sauce. Everybody wants the magic ingredient that will make their social media marketing turn into more customers, more clients and more money.

But that’s not the way social media marketing works. There is no technique or trick that will instantly give your business thousands of views or generate fan interaction. Instead, there are some fundamental rules for building an audience and converting that audience into customers.

The most basic of these fundamentals is this: Content is King.

Content is the basic building block of all social media. While some social media marketers like to debate the definition of content, I think it is easiest to say content is anything that you share on your social media.

And here is the important thing to remember: Quality content is the single most important component of your social media strategy.

With that in mind, I came up with these 4 Content Objectives to ensure your social media is working for you.

1. Entertain

People (read “potential customers”) who enjoy your content stick around and come back often. You don’t have to be Jeff Foxworthy funny, but you cannot be boring. Boring is the kiss of death for your marketing efforts.

2. Educate

People read business blogs and follow business social media pages for convenient information, and if you are the person who can tell them the hows, whys and whats of your industry, then they will consider you an expert in the field.

3. Inspire

People are always looking for new ideas and want to try new projects. They love to browse through possibilities, which explains the popularity of Pinterest. If you can inspire someone to try a new project, you are one short step away from Objective No. 4.

4. Convert

The ultimate goal is to take the audience you have created by entertaining, educating and inspiring and turn them into customers. These posts are your actual business-related posts about sales, products, services, specials, etc.

All of your social media marketing should fall under one of these four objectives in an 80-20 ratio, which means 80 percent of your posts should entertain, educate or inspire and 20 percent should be targeted at converting audience into customers. The 20 Percent Rule is another one of the basic fundamentals.

So remember that your content should do more than just fill a time slot on the calendar. By aiming at these four objectives, you will ensure you are building your brand as you build your audience.